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HRLAW™ Philippines Seminar - 14th Run

30 June 2016


The Philippines has a strong economic performance and robust growth outlook. The country offers unique and sustainable growth with GDP expected within the range from 6% to 7% in 2015.

Growth areas anticipated are from manufacturing, construction and services industries as the global economy slowly recovers. An improving business environment, encouraging government industry incentives and highly competitive labor resources make Philippines as an alternative Asian investment destination. The Filipino labor pool is one of the country’s economic advantages.

Among the Asian countries, the Philippines labor law has been regarded as one of the ‘pro-labor’ employment acts. The dynamics and creativity of HR professionals continues to drive and maintain the ‘industrial peace’ in the country.

This one day seminar of HR Laws offers a wide array of course out-line focusing in both the important features of ‘Labor Code of the Philippines” Presidential Decree No. 442, as well as the HR and legal practices in the different industries.

The seminar includes ‘practical tips’ and proven HR ‘in-country’ best practices to enhance understanding and application of Philippine Labor Laws’. It will equip HR professionals with necessary knowledge and understanding to maintain ‘employee engagement’ and prevention of ‘labor disputes’ in the Philippines.

The seminar will be conducted by Mr. Boyet Papasin. He is a seasoned HR professional with extensive experience in the HR application of Philippine Labor laws.

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HRLAW™ Philippines Seminar

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